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Ebay buyer tool, multiple site tool

Have you ever been hanging and surf such a long time on Ebay, looking for an item and just never won on auctions or paid to much ? I bet yes .. If you know already what do you like to buy, FindItEbay can make your life so much easier , you need only simple setup a item title, price range ans this highly advanced Ebay tool will search all those Ebay sites that you did set for looking for.

Some items are available in Europe some others not, some items lot cheaper in Hong Kong, USA etc than in Europe. Just an example how can you can have item for less price if you looking your merchandise all over the world, not just on your natural Ebay site.

To seek multiple Ebay sites is time consuming and boring, our sophisticated Ebay buyer tool, does the boring part for you... it works 24 hrs non stop and delivers to you the best deals. Markets can change quickly on many items like phones or other electronic stuff.

Prices can vary week by week or even day by day, sometimes items pop up for such a lower price if an item has little blemishes.Batch searching tool Ebay With FindItEbay you are able to be informed promptly about these great deals thru your cell phone and buy item first before anybody else takes it.

If you are willing to buy multiple items to multiple family members and price is a factor, this multiple items and site searching tool can also be very handy to find the best deals automatically.

If you want to follow a specific seller from his new items, but won't like to have all garbage that usually comes thru news letters, set what you are looking for or just a price range and get an alert on your cell phone or email.

You can also hunt high value items like cars, on lower price as usual market price, you can set many cars as you want in many price ranges, condition etc, FindItEbay will keep you up to date on freshly available cars.

Finally built in is a snipe tool that is awesome, you can bid in the last 3-4 seconds and have a huge chance to get an item on a very affordable price.

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