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multiple Ebay sites finder utility, search tool

Have you ever looked a long time for an item? I bet yes .. I think what also happened with you when you did check sold item prices on Ebay, you just saw a wanted item get sold on good price and you did miss it..

It's Impossible to find all items manually even on one site and really, really impossible to control all.

People usually just look at their own language website or/and big ones like and for example, there is a lot of low traffic national websites as well.

Ebay collector finder utility, search tool for collectors on Ebay
Rarities often pops up on small websites as well and due to limited people that monitor them unlike big ones, its easier to have great deal from small websites.

To monitor all Ebay sites is important with FindItEbay, very easy and convenient and you are able to be a highly successful buyer.

Ebay email from items are often delayed, once you get it already somebody did take it. With EbayFindIt you can sit back and relax, we do it for you, all search and find, all items that you want to have... nice isn't it ? You can get prompt notification from an item on your cellphone, notify bar or in e-mail or both.

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I did start to use a core system many years ago with great results, thanks for automated Ebay search now I am a well known collector all around the world.

A few easy examples and benefits and how easy to use FindItEbay to automate your collectible item search all over the world on Ebay sites.

If you are looking for regular common items on a good price to re-sell or make a stock from them to trade. You can set minimum and maximum price to each items, plus filters globally and for each items.

What often happens on Ebay, sellers either want to get more attention or just don't label items precisely, filters and minimum price useful tool to filter out non wanted items and these are never pops up.

That is all! Enter parameters into search database and FindItEbay will bring you all items that fit into this selection and are available for sales on Ebay sites.

You don't even need to worry about language issues, once you review new finds, there is a description button that brings descriptions and translates it to English if needed.

To make the search engine faster we don't retrieve description on the items, because to retrieve description is the longest process in the search.

Another example, you are looking for a rare sought after items FindItEbay will do the boring part non-stop; seek all Ebay sites for your most wanted item. If you don't set maximum price it will bring all to you once it is shows up anywhere in the world.

You need only bid or buy if an item fits into your budget. If you set a maximum price it is away the items what you can't afford to buy.

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