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Ebay competitor check

If you don't just sell but buy, you can also buy as well on Ebay. Please read this article first what I have written to collectors! To Collectors

FindItEbay multiple search engine thru multi sites allow to you to follow all competitors and get informed if they lower their price on any Ebay sites. To follow these trends are important people often buy only cheaper items.

Ebay find tool You can set unlimited search titles, global and item filters to seek items on all Ebay sites, if you do with all of your products you will be always up to date with all competitors prices on all Ebay sale platform.

Needless to say what is this means to your business if you have many competitors on the market.With our highly advanced multiple Ebay search tool you will be always step before others and you will never have non wanted surprise you sale just get stop beecause somebody offer same products for less..

FindItEbay run 24 hrs on our servers and bring to you all price modifications by your competitors, you able to use it also as excellent buyer product to find best deal on Ebay and re-sell purchased items if possible.

We able to extend our software to other websites as well not only for Ebay to seek specific informations if need for your business.

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