FindItEbay is a sophisticated new searching system. It uses AI (artificial intelligence) to find your best deals thru all Ebay sites around the globe.

Revolutionary new methods will bring you first class position and a very easy way to find the best deals and rare items on all Ebay sites.

Search for a rare item ? Search for low price bargain to re-sell item later? Do you take research on competitors on different Ebay sites?

FindItEbay is the right Ebay search tool for you as you can get experience with one week free trial >>

With FindItEbay you will be the first who will be informed on a new item what shows up on any of the Ebay sites all around the world.

You will be able to buy it first or schedule a snipping on auction. Nothing will be hidden before your eyes with this fantastic Ebay seller tool.

Multiple Ebay site and multiple item search tool features list:

  • Unlimited search titles
  • Search all Ebay sites
  • Search other sites
  • Multi thread background search
  • AI artificial intelligence
  • Realtime notification to mobile
  • Ebay auction snipe
  • Global filters
  • Item filters
  • Run everywhere
  • on phones,tablets, Mac, PC
  • Parallel computing
  • 10 yrs Ebay experience
  • Multilingual
  • Translate to English
  • Manage your bids, watch, etc
  • Automatically build own price database
  • E-mail notify
  • Free trial period
  • Manual searches thru all sites
  • Pay as you go packages
  • Free support on higher packages
  • Search priority handling
  • Configurable search titles
  • Configurable Ebay sites
  • Multilingual support
  • Make your own

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